Email and social media strategy was inconsistent and stock photo heavy. Social advertising campaigns yielded little to no results due to improper targeting, messaging and visual assets. 


Generate more foot traffic to the tasting room on a daily basis, increase retention for wine club members, and increase lead generation for the event center. 


Segmented top priority audiences and developed a quarterly promotion calendar that outlined all events, special announcements, and event center promotions. Translating into a monthly content calendar for both email and social media campaigns to ensure all messaging aligned. Outlined highest revenue services to prioritize ad budget and allocation to develop social ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Created a sense of community on all social platforms by performing daily engagement and community management alongside creating a Facebook Group for their wine club members.

Services Include:


  • Email Marketing
    • 16% increase in subscribers
    • average 18% open rate
    • average 4% click thru rate
  • Facebook Marketing 
    • 9.3% increase in followers
    • 453% increase in monthly organic impressions
    • 34% increase in web traffic
  • Instagram Marketing
    • 61% increase in followers
    • 12% increase in monthly organic impressions
    • 53% increase in web traffic


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