A less than year old event center with high competition in the area. Limited internal resources to execute effective lead generation strategies through digital advertising. Relied heavily on 3rd party referral sites, which yielded little-to-no conversions with a high cost-per-acquisition. 


Increase quality lead generation, schedule more tours and book more events.


Created a consistent content strategy for social media to increase brand awareness and reputation. Implemented aggressive lead generation strategy utilizing Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Services Include:


  • Targeted Search & Display Ads
    • 432% increase in web traffic
    • 160% increase in lead generated
  • Social Media Marketing
    • 81% increase in web traffic
    • 680% increase in lead generation
  • Overall Business 
    • Averaging 60 leads per month 
    • Averaging 24-32 tours per month
    • Averaging 6 event bookings per month

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